Michaela French Music



Melodic, rhythmically diverse,

Rock, high energy, Americana/Roots/ hint of Gypsy Jazz

Michaela French, musician, singer/songwriter

A musician, potter, soap maker, herbalist, chicken wrangler, explorer. Michaela has been playing music for a living over the past thirty years. Her music, both as a song writer and player inspire participation in cultural expression. Originally from Switzerland, residing in he US since 1994 she has played venues all over the Southern Idaho area over the past 15 years. In the Nineties she traveled throughout Europe and the US playing on the streets and in cafes both as a solo performer and in a duo/trio band setting. Recently she had the great honor of opening for Chuck Pyle at his last Boise show. 

Over the past few years Michaela French has carved out a spot for herself in the area venues, ranging from bars and wineries to in and out door events. Her songs are melodic, poetic and rhythmically diverse, from soothing to high energy, cross genera. She is noted for her skill as a high energy and skillfull guitarist. Some of her song lyrics have been published for two consecutive years in ‘The whistle pig’ a collection of Southern Idaho authors. Her voice has been favorably compared to the expressions and timbers of Emmylou Harris/Sheryl Crow/Joni Mitchell. Her guitar playing is highly influenced by Chuck Pyle and Richard Thompson. Michaela’s music from her EP has been used as a sound track to a couple of documentaries by John Marsh of LibertyFilms. Currently she is in the process of recording her full length album of original material including the talents of area musicians who have successfully contributed to the Southern Idaho music culture.

Contact: smallblueelephantpublishing@gmail.com

(208) 598-1512


For recent venues: https://www.instagram.com/michaela_french_music/

See youtube: Michaela French Music for acoustic samples of originals and covers


  1. jo west says:

    the cd is absolutely awesome. thank you for sharing you.

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